The agriculture industry and 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 have always evolved to meet new challenges, adapting to uncertainty and change. As a company intrinsically linked to the land, 买球比较靠谱的网站相信,买球比较靠谱的网站的商业模式应该推动可持续的成果,改善农业和美国农村.

梅根的岩石, chief sustainability officer


See how we invest in co-op communities and future ag leaders

A group of young men and women sitting at a table
Engaging stakeholders in sustainability

推荐几个靠谱的买球网站成员全年参与与可持续发展有关的活动,买球比较靠谱的网站收集他们的意见和想法, answer questions and work together toward a more sustainable future.

Providing commodity market information, 分享新的生产方法和提供培养领导技能的机会只是推荐几个靠谱的买球网站帮助农民所有者和合作社领导人积累个人和商业成功知识的一些方式. We have recently hosted education sessions at the 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 annual meeting, 与新领导接触, 参与员工参与活动,推动可持续发展意识.